I learned stained glas [glas en lood] from Pete La Velle, who learned from his father. He remembers playing in and around the church building construction site, while his father was on the job. It was a very traditional training; cutting glass, cutting patterns [before light tables!] restoring, repairing [church windows, mostly] cementing, soldering and reinforcement, making new windows, measuring and installations, tiffany technique, designing, and teaching classes. It was a 5 year apprenticeship. I have worked for 4 other studios, learning new techniques, and perfecting my skills, which adds up to 23 years of working experience.

I have a rather simple life style of chopping wood, carry water, living in the round, rather close to nature. During the time here of juggling jobs, creating in the studio, festivals [work] volunteer work, cooking cleaning, I have discovered many things. One, I create designs from my heart and soul, Two: how to 'create through catharsis' as a healthy way to deal with life experiences and emotions. Pushing the parameters of myself and the medias I work with, I have gone from 2-D windows to 3-D glass sculptures. I am quite amazed with the results, and curious to see where it leads. Please enjoy.

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Kind Regards,
Tamara Sorenson